bespoke 3hr cartoons

I enjoy helping people with their short and feature-length screenplays and other scripts (television, game narrative, comics, radio and theatre.) Also helping people with their design documents for games, software and interactive art. Drawing cartoons and writing speeches. I have a creative writing degree in screenwriting – graduated in 2011. And have been writing screenplays and other scripts as well as a tv pilot that was well-received by my national tv station, since 2003. In 1995 I wrote my first novel. 6.5yrs of college later… I have produced 5 short movies – all without funding.




I draw robots, mechatronics, theoretical designs, machines, cartoons and design quirky and fun merch with cult or pop entertainment influences.

I can do a custom cartoon for your personal use (to make your decor more colourful) or for commercial use for your project. My style is 2D full colour cartoons or mixed media (pencil and Photoshop) unique and strange 2D full colour illustrations of characters (I can also do scenes at the top level tier).

I have a level 6 (just below Bachelor’s Degree level) Diploma with Honours in 2D digital cartooning, sculpture and illustration.


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