Hello, I’m Mike B, an independent¬†writing, sketching, design, tutoring and production management professional based in Masterton, New Zealand. Find me on Instagram, , LinkedIn, IMDB, , Vimeo, Soundcloud, DeviantArt, Youtube, Teepublic, Tripadvisor, Freelancer, Kickstarter and Fiverr. See ya around on the interwebs!

The image to the left is an illustration by Leopoldo Torroba Morales based on one of my early toy designs.

I write pretty much every day, for 1.5hrs and try to work creatively for 4.5hrs/day; 14pgs rewrites and approx. 300-1k words of new pages daily, with a goal of 8 manuscripts or 550-1k new pages + rewrites, in a variety of mediums, yearly.

I love listening to music in the background while I write and draw – especially: Neil Young, Everlast, Pantera, Slayer, Rage Against the Machine, AC/DC, Efterklang, Pink Floyd, Citizen Cope, Rancid, Korn, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Morrison, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Motley Crue, Megadeth, Slipknot, Devildriver, Metallica, Steely Dan, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Journey, Styx, Dire Straits, Dio, Imagine Dragons, Aphex Twin, Motionless in White.

I work throughout the day as a designer and engaging with my potential clients/audience, then in the evening I’m a critic and cartoonist/sketch artist, then writer. I game most days as well, in my free time. Making films can consume days and weeks. So as you can probably tell, as a freelancer, I wear many hats:

  1. freelance sketch artist, creature designer, creative writing manuscript assessor and custom cartoonist
  2. designing t-shirts (fanart, cartoons, mecha, design as art)
  3. writing novels, rpgs and screenplays – and other scripts (also speeches)
  4. writing and developing/pencilling (eventually self-publishing) comic books
  5. writing, producing and art direction for micro-budget movies on video (also directing traditional and tradigital animation)
  6. designing and producing indie video games, indie trading card games and board games, interactive animated visual novels and mechatronic spaces (and critiquing/testing software)
  7. designing and developing toys
  8. tutoring in creative writing, filmmaking, design topics