Hello, I’m Mike B, an independent writer, mentor, cartoonist, designer, producer, art director and online tutoring professional based in Wellington, New Zealand. Find me on Behance, , LinkedIn, , , , , Instagram, Etsy, ArtStation, Twitch, Teepublic and Tripadvisor. See ya around on the interwebs!

The image beside this info is an illustration by Leopoldo Torroba Morales based on one of my early toy designs.

Every day I try to focus on completing the following tasks for my skill-set:

  1. RPG Maker MV
  2. Javascript/Wordpress
  3. creature sculpting/character design
  4. dvd and game reviews/essays
  5. comic strip drawing – pencils
  6. cartooning/storyboarding
  7. fantasy map-making
  8. Adobe Illustrator
  9. 800 words of a script/novel/game treatment
  10. Rewrites 12pgs