morbid, intellectual and absurd
stories, designs, digital tools and toys

author, screenwriter, filmmaker,

cartoonist, product designer, game designer, creative tutor,

freelance software tester, video editor, game dev advisor

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“My writing, game design, cartooning, design art and filmmaking cannot fail. Through these, my freelancing will grow.”

The 5 types of writing that I do:

Writing to send to publishers, producers, contests: graphic novels, screenplays, scripts (tv, theatre), ride/attraction designs, novels, theoretical design books, tabletop games/rpgs, reviews.

Writing to collaborate with indie developers - as above

Writing e-courses and freelance game feedback/content writing, game rules/documentation writing, 2D character art and creative 1-on-1 tutoring.

Self-published writing/sketch art: cartoons, ebooks, a zine and comic books.

Writing and designs which I also produce (movies, songs for video, docos, toys, mechatronic games, LARPs, indie video games, animation, tabletop games, digital products.)

I am a guy who cares deeply about thinking things through completely, about innovation in design, sophistication of thought and telling imaginative stories in a unique way. I weigh artistic integrity against "everything serves the story" and "everything is thought through to its end point - with manic attention to detail."

My style is a tug of war between action and argument.

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my values

  1. TENACITY – I admire Peter Jackson’s sheer persistence to annoy the Film Commission to back his films “I have a lot of respect for that”
  3. integrity
  4. improvisation, spontaneity ~ experimental, innovation, invention
  5. depth of thought: consideration, philosophy, complex constructs with sophisticated details in form and function.
  6. passion – “if I don’t LOVE it, what am I doing writing it for hours, days, months? If there’s no love for it, there’s no point doing it, and I certainly can’t sustain it”
  7. honesty – “being true to yourself. Lie to other people, sure, but don’t lie to yourself”
  8. sincerity – “meaning what you say”
  9. standing my ground

come and experiment, explore with me, robotic thinking and nightmare delusions…

game design

my favourite games are Magic: the Gathering Online, Land of Illusion, Warzone: Mutant Chronicles, Blood Bowl, 3D Ballz, MK2, Lemmings, Nidhogg, Else Heartbreak (), Cart Life, Close Combat 1, Rampage, Robocop Vs The Terminator, Gynoug aka Wings of Wor, Another World, The Sims 1, Discworld 2, Doug TenNapel, Gran Turismo, Limbo, Hacker Evolution: Untold, Syphon Filter, Sonic, Super Meat Boy, Dig Dug, Osmos, EA MMA, Joust, California Games, Gain Ground, Absolver, Crimsonland, Kung Fu Master (c64), Ghostbusters (SMS), Pro Wrestling (SMS), Metal Slug 3 and Rambo III.

I’m fascinated by a variety of types of game design – have been designing games as an amateur for 26yrs. Started with ball games and card game mods and writing rulebooks for rpgs.

I’m interested in using game engines to make indie video games, producing mechatronic games and digital simulations of mechatronic games. Also writing RPGs and LARPs, and collectable miniature wargames, digital collectable card games and indie board games.

I began designing games in ’93 when I was eleven, with a BBC Miro emulator on my family Acorn Archimedes – coding in BASIC. Making half of a boxing game, then adapting it to a pong clone using the head sprites as floating balls. I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of detail on a character, so each head was four characters linked together as one sprite. I would have made the whole fighter that big, but I got bored halfway through. I also learned to make mathematical psychedelic visions with the draw function. And a little bit of tinkering with sound.

current projects

I am now tinkering with clay creature-making when I’m not writing young adult novels, reviews, narrative essays, comics and games. drawing cartoons, tinkering with a game engine, designing digital products. producing micro-budget video movies and documentaries or freelancing – helping people with their games. I’m also keen to do online tutoring, film art direction and writing narratives and designs for museum attractions.

quirky and fantastic stories

I’ve been a big fan of Stephen King and horror since I was 10, then wes craven and early peter jackson, then lynch and cronenberg, jeunet, now miike, chiodo, troma, aja, selick, assayas and carruth. Ari Aster, Brian Trenchard Smith, David Slade and Brian Nelson, Andrew Kevin Walker, Mick Garris, William Goldman, John Carl Buechler, Kevin Yagher, S. S. Wilson, Pearse Elliott. I’ve also been an overthinker and terrified of everything since I was a kid. After I gave up drugs in my early 20s, I developed some mental disorders mostly chronic anxiety. So fear has been a big part of my life. I’m also fascinated by it and by what scares people. Also the way the brain creates fantasies – nightmares, hallucinations and psychosis. I really enjoy expressing my own ideas and emotions about these things. I’m doing okay now, I had alot of therapy and worked through alot of my emotional patterns.

I have learned to write three kinds of narratives: 1. the magical and scientific, because I’m very passionate about believing in the supposedly impossible. 2. minimalist indie intellectual action/drama – because I’ve always been super-fixated on dismantling and the function and functioning of various processes – especially mental and creative. 3. when I am challenged to write with certain limitations – budget, number of locations, characters, etc.


you can find my fanart drawings on instagram and twitter

and my finished original artwork on artstation and etsy

support for beginner writers

Teaching beginners makes me feel happy, I get joy from being useful to a fellow creative person.

art theory stories

I find it fun to do art and entertainment analysis, mainly because normal people get tired of me droning on about entertainment. I keep 2 blogs – software dev and food and culture, but I also have written game reviews for Coaching for Geeks Blog.

And I have written for Authors Aflame.

I also did ghostwriting – 60pgs in a week, half of a small book about Real Estate Investment.

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a deep dive into Mike’s brain

I have a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree with a specialisation in screenwriting, and a level 6 diploma of art and creativity with honours in 2d digital illustration and art direction.

I also did a college-level Certificate in Television, Theatre and Radio back in 2000. Majored in making short movies on video and video editing – which involved learning tv station and radio station equipment as well as all areas of production for both including promotional. I minored in acting and crewing for children’s theatre – I also attended drama school as a kid, got pretty good at performance.

I have written 9 manuscripts and had poetry published. I’ve been mentored by four published authors and a professional screenwriter. I’ve also been involved in the 48hrs filmmaking festival as lead story writer and co-script writer. And I was Associate Producer and helped with writing on an indie adventure video game with a massive map that was not completed – as the team (undergrads) disbanded. 

I’m interested in helping people in the following areas: content writing for games, game design concept feedback, design document for software feedback, game testing and design document/brief/rules writing.

More details to help you figure out my pricing – I charge a flat rate per project, but I base it on my time, effort, skills, talent, education and experience:

My rate is usually figured out at US$35/hr