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If you have always been noticed as the ‘different’ one, it’s time to own it! It is certainly better to be a nerd, than to be just like the rest of the herd! If you are dreaming of changing the world, with just a couple of dimes in your pocket, you’ve joined the right troop. It’s not about cheap services here, more like offering a hand to those with a low-budget trying to do big things for the world.

There was a time that we searched around for people who trusted in our projects and looking back, I wish I had someone like me, to help me. Please don’t ever forget, alone we can do so little, but together we can achieve so much!

a one-hour interview with Michael about his work from Michael B. Professional Nerd on Vimeo.

micro-budget video producer, collab indie video games and graphic novels, an indie magazine, toys, nerd culture events.

A deep dive into Mike’s brain

Bossman: Mike

I am heavily experienced and educated as a scriptwriter, I’ve been writing scripts since 2000. Making movies since I was a kid and wrote my first 300+ page manuscript when I was thirteen.

the full story:

okay, stay with me…

I was 11 and I was learning BASIC on an emulator for a BBC Micro on my family Acorn Archimedes computer. I typed out a few games and started creating my own boxing game, which I got bored with and used the boxer’s heads for a game of pong. (I had made my first short movie on my dad’s vhs video camera about a monster under the bed – I was the monster, DOP, Writer, Producer, Director, Editor. I was four.) Around the same time I was learning my first coding language, I was also writing a rulebook for a pen-and-paper rpg, and designing a ball game.

Fast forward two years. In High School, around the same time I got the school’s high score in algebra (98%) and started smoking weed, I made a card game mod and wrote a short story that got a good mark, read Stephen King’s It again while on holiday at a beach bach (hate how that’s spelled) and decided to write my own epic fantasy inspired by King’s world. 300pgs.

dropped out of high school 2 years before graduating – depression made me reject maths as a course of study. got supremely bored riding around on a truck – to keep me out of trouble, didn’t want my life to be like that. decided I wanted to be an artist, rediscovered video movie-making, video editing, creative writing and film analysis. and did another year of High School to get into Uni at 17.

In 2002 I rewrote my first novel as a 200-page short novel. after 3 university programs – including a degree in screenwriting and a grad dip in art direction and cartooning, by 2013 I failed repeatedly to learn programming and decided I wanted to develop micro-budget creative projects with friends, having made 5 short movies without funding.

I also wanted to get involved in community art, nerd culture and events infrastructure. so that’s what I do now.

I have written 9 manuscripts and had poetry published. I’ve been mentored by four published authors and a professional screenwriter. I’ve also been involved in the 48hrs filmmaking festival as lead story writer and co-script writer (uncredited.) And I was Associate Producer and helped with writing on an indie adventure video game with a massive map that was not completed – as the team (undergrads) disbanded.

I’m interested in creative development in the areas of: producing with my team and nerd culture ambassador duties…

I’m ridiculously good at managing tiny budget projects, get in touch if you’d like to collaborate on something. My portfolio is here.

what drives me? what is my journey? why should you join me on it? click for my answer

“Right now, my focus is on working with my team developing micro-budget projects and attempting to have a positive effect on society.”

bio page

Fine Artist/Product Manager/Creative Producer
looking for
Physical FX Artist/Costume and Sets Lead
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Line Producer/Events Assistant
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3D Modeller
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Marketing Guru
Mike B.

Rebel Nerds and Leveling Up

a feature documentary movie on video about rebel nerds and leveling up – marketing for nerd startups and startups that serve nerd culture

Little Red Buddy

an indie video game and micro-budget feature movie on video about dungeons – we hope to do a crowdfunding campaign, next year.

Trilogy of Creepy

3 short 24min movies sharing a common creepy tone and stitched together as a feature movie (2022 – preproduction)

Untitled Follow-up to Trilogy of Creepy

a micro-budget feature movie on video in 2027 with a $4.2k budget

Untitled Zine

2024 – a self-published magazine for geeks and nerds, about nerds, geeks and nerd culture.

Untitled Graphic Novel

an anthology 1-shot graphic novel written and illustrated by the team, to submit to indie publishers or self-publish.